Arabic Treebank: Part 3 v 1.0

Item Name: Arabic Treebank: Part 3 v 1.0
Authors: Mohamed Maamouri, Ann Bies, Tim Buckwalter, and Hubert Jin
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2004T11
ISBN: 1-58563-298-8
Release Date: May 21, 2004
Data Type: text
Data Source(s): newswire
Project(s): GALE, TIDES
Application(s): automatic content extraction, cross-lingual information retrieval, information detection, natural language processing
Language(s): Modern Standard Arabic
Language ID(s): arb
Distribution: Web Download
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Citation: Mohamed Maamouri, et al.
Arabic Treebank: Part 3 v 1.0
Linguistic Data Consortium, Philadelphia


Arabic Treebank: Part 3 v 1.0 was produced by Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) catalog number LDC2004T11 and ISBN 1-58563-298-8.

This publication is the third part of a corpus of 1,000,000 words of Arabic Treebank, designed to support language resear ch and development of language technology for Modern Standard Arabic. Part one was released in 2003 as Arabic Treebank: Part 1 v 2.0, having the source data extracted from Agence France Press stories. Part two was released in 2004 as Arabic Treebank: Part 2 v 2.0, having the source data extracted from Al-Hayat distributed by Ummah. The current Arabic Treebank: Part 3 v 1.0 corpus consists of stories from An Nahar News Agency.


This corpus includes 600 stories from the An Nahar News Text. There are a total of 340,281 words (counting non-Arabic tokens such as numbers and punctuation) in the 600 files - one story per file. New features of annotation include complete vocalization (including case endings), lemma IDs, and more specific POS tags for verbs and particles.

The corpus contains 293,035 Arabic-only word tokens (prior to the separation of clitics), of which 290,842 (99.25%) were provided with an acceptable morphological analysis and POS tag by the morphological parser, and 2,193 (0.75%) were items that the morphological parser failed to analyze correctly.


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