Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Lexicon

Item Name: Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Lexicon
Authors: .Kilany, Hanaa, H. Gadalla, H. Arram, A. Yacoub, A. El-Habashi, and C. McLemore
LDC Catalog No.: LDC99L22
ISBN: 1-58563-155-8
Release Date: Jul 11, 2002
Data Type: lexicon
Data Source(s): telephone conversations
Project(s): EARS, GALE, Hub5-LVCSR
Application(s): speech recognition
Language(s): Egyptian Arabic
Language ID(s): arz
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Citation: .Kilany, et al.
Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Lexicon
Linguistic Data Consortium, Philadelphia


This lexicon represents the first electronic pronunciation dictionary of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA), the spoken variety of Arabic found in Egypt. The dialect of ECA that this dictionary represents is Cairene Arabic.


The lexicon contains 51,202 entries, drawn from 140 CALLHOME telephone conversations among native speakers of Colloquial Egyptian Arabic, collected and published by the LDC as follows: CALLHOME Egyptian Arabic Speech LDC97S45, CALLHOME Egyptian Arabic Transcripts LDC97T19, CALLHOME Egyptian Arabic Speech Supplement LDC200237 and CALLHOME Egyptian Arabic Transcripts Supplement LDC2002T38. The lexicon also contains entries derived manually from the Badawi & Hines dictionary of Colloquial Egyptian Arabic.

The lexical entries are written one to a line with tab-separated fields, including orthographic representation in both the LDC romanization as well as Arabic script, morphological, phonological, stress, source, and frequency information for each word.

Here is a sample page.

Relative to earlier versions of the Arabic Pronouncing Lexicon, this release provides not only a significant increase in the number of entries, but also a significant effort to improve the quality and consistency of all entries.


There are no updates at this time.


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