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Reference translation:
<refset setid="mt06_arabic_evlset_nist_part_v1" srclang="Arabic" trglang="English">
<DOC docid="AFP_ARB_20060206.0155" genre="newswire" sysid="reference03">
<seg id="1"> Roed Larsen: The Middle East: " Barrel of Gunpowder with a Burning Wick" </seg>
<seg id="2"> Oslo 2/06 (A.F.P) - The former U.N. envoy to the Middle East, Terje Roed Larsen, believes that the situation in this region has never been as dangerous as it is now, comparing the region to "a barrel of gunpowder with a burning wick." </seg>
<seg id="3"> In an interview with Norwegian State Broadcasting (NRK), Roed Larsen said, "The region now can be compared, in many aspects, to a barrel of gunpowder with a burning wick". </seg>
<seg id="4"> He added, "I believe the situation is more difficult, complex, and dangerous than it has been in many decades." </seg>
<seg id="5"> Among the current and latent crises in the Middle East, Roed Larsen mentioned the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Iranian nuclear issue, and the crisis between Lebanon and Syria. </seg>
<seg id="6"> He said that "All this brings us back to questions of fundamental values and opinions that put the situation at risk of getting out of control at any moment more than it has been in recent days." </seg>
<seg id="7"> Roed Larsen did not explicitly mention the violence that pervaded the demonstrations in the Islamic World in protest against the publication of cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad in the European newspapers. He just stressed the necessity of "dialogue" instead of "throwing stones and setting fires." </seg>
<seg id="8"> Demonstrators set the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus on fire Saturday, and a building containing an office of the Danish Embassy in Beirut was also set on fire in response to the publication of the drawings in September in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and their subsequent republication in a number of European media, foremost among them the Norwegian magazine Magazinet. </seg>
<seg id="9"> Roed Larsen is currently assigned to monitor the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1559 which calls for the disarming of the militias and armed groups in Lebanon, including, according to the international organization, the Shiite Lebanese Hezbollah, and Palestinian groups. </seg>

Machine translation:
<tstset setid="mt06_arabic_evlset_nist_part_v1" srclang="Arabic" trglang="English">
<DOC docid="AFP_ARB_20060206.0155" genre="newswire" sysid="system04">
<seg id="1"> Rod Larsen : the Middle East is " gunpowder barrel by a burning wick "</seg>
<seg id="2"> Oslo 6 - 2 ( AFP ) - Terje Roed Larsen, the former UN envoy to the Middle East, considered that the situation in this region was never as serious as it is today comparing the region to "a gunpowder barrel with a burning wick " .</seg>
<seg id="3"> And Rod Larsen said a speaker of the general radio Al Nrougia " that I see Kaye " that " likening the region from several sides to gunpowder barrel to a burning wick now is possible " .</seg>
<seg id="4"> And he added " I believe that the situation is more difficult, complicated and serious than what it was since several decades " .</seg>
<seg id="5"> And between the existing or latent crises in the Middle East Rod Larsen mentioned the Arab Israeli conflict, the Iran's nuclear file and the crisis between Lebanon and Syria .</seg>
<seg id="6"> And he said that " all this takes us back to the issues of essential values and opinions that make the situation at any moment liable to go out of control more than what it was in the last days " .</seg>
<seg id="7"> And Rod Lars did not mention the frankness of acts of violence that interposed the demonstrations in the Islamic world in protest at the publication of caricatures about the prophet Mohamed in the European newspapers content with emphasizing on a necessity " the dialogue " a substitution " sticking the stones and the ignition of fires " .</seg>
<seg id="8"> And demonstrators have burned the Danish and Norwegian embassies buildings in Damascus Saturday while Ihrqmbna includes an office for the Danish embassy in Beirut, in response to the publication of the drawings in September in the Danish newspaper of Jyllands-Posten and the repetition of their publication later in a number of the European media and in their lead was the Norwegian " Maghazinit " magazine .</seg>
<seg id="9"> Larsen's arrival is expensive now the surveillance of the application of the International Security Council resolution is 1559 the ones that states the disarmament of militias and armed groups in Lebanon, including with the Lebanese the international organization's look of the Shiite Hezbollah and Palestinian groups .</seg>

Adequacy scores:
system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,1,judgeAdj,reference03,6,yes,2007-12-07 14:37:10,2007-12-07 14:37:52
system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,2,judgeAdj,reference03,7,yes,2007-12-07 14:42:44,2007-12-07 14:42:57
system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,3,judgeAdj,reference03,3,no,2007-12-07 14:45:57,2007-12-07 14:46:38
system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,4,judgeAdj,reference03,6,yes,2007-12-07 14:50:08,2007-12-07 14:51:04
system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,5,judgeAdj,reference03,7,yes,2007-12-07 15:07:43,2007-12-07 15:07:54
system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,6,judgeAdj,reference03,7,yes,2007-12-07 15:13:14,2007-12-07 15:13:24
system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,7,judgeAdj,reference03,5,no,2007-12-07 15:16:00,2007-12-07 15:16:47
system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,8,judgeAdj,reference03,7,no,2007-12-07 15:27:01,2007-12-07 15:28:30
system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,9,judgeAdj,reference03,5,no,2007-12-06 14:42:47,2007-12-06 14:44:01

Preference scores:
system04,system03,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,1,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 13:43:47,2008-03-12 13:43:56
system06,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,1,judgeAdj,reference03,2,2008-03-12 13:43:57,2008-03-12 13:44:58
system04,system01,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,1,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 13:44:59,2008-03-12 13:45:02
system07,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,1,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 13:46:29,2008-03-12 13:47:11
system05,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,1,judgeAdj,reference03,2,2008-03-12 13:47:25,2008-03-12 13:47:26
system04,system08,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,1,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 13:48:52,2008-03-12 13:48:54
system02,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,1,judgeAdj,reference03,2,2008-03-12 13:48:54,2008-03-12 13:48:56
system02,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,2,judgeAdj,reference03,2,2008-03-12 13:50:28,2008-03-12 13:50:29
system04,system06,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,2,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 13:50:38,2008-03-12 13:51:18
system04,system07,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,2,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 13:51:18,2008-03-12 13:52:23
system04,system03,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,2,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 13:52:34,2008-03-12 13:52:35
system04,system01,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,2,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 13:52:35,2008-03-12 13:52:36
system04,system05,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,2,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 13:53:16,2008-03-12 13:53:18
system04,system08,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,2,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 13:53:24,2008-03-12 13:53:25
system02,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,3,judgeAdj,reference03,2,2008-03-12 13:55:11,2008-03-12 13:55:29
system04,system01,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,3,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 13:55:31,2008-03-12 13:55:33
system05,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,3,judgeAdj,reference03,3,2008-03-12 13:56:19,2008-03-12 13:57:17
system08,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,3,judgeAdj,reference03,2,2008-03-12 13:57:35,2008-03-12 13:58:04
system06,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,3,judgeAdj,reference03,3,2008-03-12 13:59:00,2008-03-12 13:59:50
system03,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,3,judgeAdj,reference03,2,2008-03-12 14:00:18,2008-03-12 14:00:20
system04,system07,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,3,judgeAdj,reference03,2,2008-03-12 14:00:21,2008-03-12 14:00:23
system05,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,4,judgeAdj,reference03,3,2008-03-12 14:00:23,2008-03-12 14:00:54
system02,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,4,judgeAdj,reference03,2,2008-03-12 14:00:58,2008-03-12 14:00:59
system04,system03,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,4,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 14:01:44,2008-03-12 14:01:47
system01,system04,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,4,judgeAdj,reference03,2,2008-03-12 14:02:21,2008-03-12 14:02:23
system04,system07,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,4,judgeAdj,reference03,1,2008-03-12 14:03:48,2008-03-12 14:03:52
system04,system08,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,4,judgeAdj,reference03,3,2008-03-12 14:06:02,2008-03-12 14:06:19
system04,system06,AFP_ARB_20060206.0155,4,judgeAdj,reference03,2,2008-03-12 14:06:39,2008-03-12 14:06:59