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ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	0.000	2.592	speaker1	male	native	The political analyst was with us in the studio.	0	0	0	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	2.592	5.690	speaker1	male	native	This concludes the first section of Under the Light.	0	0	0	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	5.690	15.300	speaker1	male	native	A brief news intermission and we go back to continue the second section on Bulgaria and Romania joining the European Union with our colleague Zineb Berjawi.	0	0	0	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	125.437	128.641	speaker2	male	native	Peace be upon you, and God's mercy. Welcome to this briefing.	2	0	2	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	128.641	136.565	speaker2	male	native	The Somali Prime Minister, Ali Mohammad Gedi, said that the government will pardon the Shari'a Court fighters on the condition that they turn in their arms.	2	0	3	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	136.565	154.373	speaker2	male	native	Gedi, who confirmed the government troops' control of the city of ((kissa mayo)), said during the press conference in Mogadishu that the war in Somalia will end when the Ethiopian and Somali troops expel what he called international terrorists or arrest them.	2	0	4	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	154.373	168.620	speaker2	male	native	Gedi announced that his government will from tomorrow start disarmament in Mogadishu, requesting as soon as possible the deployment of African Union peacekeeping forces.	2	0	5	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	168.620	179.431	speaker2	male	native	The American president, George Bush, admitted in his first address on the occasion of the New Year that a fast end to the war on Iraq is still on the distant horizon.	2	0	6	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	179.431	189.918	speaker2	male	native	This came after the number of Americans killed in Iraq had reached three thousand, according to a statistics site specialized in counting the number of those killed in the war.	2	0	7	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	189.918	199.473	speaker2	male	native	He indicated that the last month was the bloodiest month during the last two years, where one hundred and eleven American soldiers were killed.	2	0	8	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	199.473	213.161	speaker2	male	native	Some American peace groups vowed to start the new year with demonstrations, due to the increase in the number of the American soldiers killed in Iraq, and to resume the call to end the war.	2	0	9	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	214.509	223.625	speaker2	male	native	An American air raid on the university neighborhood in western Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, resulted in the killing of six people and the injuring of two others.	2	0	11	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	223.625	237.670	speaker2	male	native	Iraqi sources confirmed that the shelling targeted a headquarters of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue, which is headed by Saleh El Mutlaq, and is represented in the Iraqi Parliament, causing extensive damage and the killing of two of the building guards.	2	0	12	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	237.670	247.297	speaker2	male	native	Four people from one family were also killed after their home, which is adjacent to the Front's building, was bombed by American helicopters.	2	0	13	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	248.901	256.691	speaker2	male	native	Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced that the occupation entity does not intend to release the Palestinian prisoners at present.	2	0	15	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	256.691	275.532	speaker2	male	native	The occupation radio stated that Olmert held consultations with the heads of the security services, in the presence of Offar Dikel, who is in charge of the file on prisoners' exchange, pointing out that Olmert had been informed that no progress had been made in the exchange talks with the Hamas movement.	2	0	16	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	275.532	288.640	speaker2	male	native	An official in the Israeli occupation government denied what Hamas had an announcement of a breakthrough in the prisoner exchange case, considering Hamas' demands to be excessive and unacceptable.	2	0	17	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	288.640	301.834	speaker2	male	native	The spokesman for the movement, Ismail Radwan, had said that there was progress in the negotiations relating to the captured Israeli soldier, announcing the resumption of the negotiations with Egyptian mediation.	2	0	18	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	303.359	313.151	speaker2	male	native	An official at the Indonesian Ministry of Transport announced that contact was lost with a passenger aircraft heading from Java toward the island of Manado in Indonesia.	2	0	20	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	313.151	323.077	speaker2	male	native	The official pointed out that the aircraft belonging to ((Adam)) Air was carrying ninety-six passengers and six crew members on board.	2	0	21	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	323.077	329.020	speaker2	male	native	And he pointed out that the aircraft was carrying fuel sufficient for only four hours.	2	0	22	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	330.194	340.049	speaker2	male	native	Finally, more than two million pilgrims are continuing their ritual where they gathered at the Jamarat Bridge in Mina to complete the ritual of throwing stones on the second day of Al Tashriq.	2	0	24	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	340.049	351.338	speaker2	male	native	The pilgrims gathered at the Jamarat Bridge for the third time to throw small, medium and large stones before they go back to Mecca to complete the ritual of circumambulation.	2	0	25	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	351.338	367.490	speaker2	male	native	The hermitage rituals for this year are being performed without any incidents after the Saudi Security Authorities imposed security measures to prevent sleeping on the floors in the corridors, which had caused tragic incidents in previous seasons.	2	0	26	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	370.432	371.183	speaker2	male	native	Until next time.	2	0	28	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	406.660	410.903	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Welcome back, and Happy New Year.	4	0	30	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	410.903	421.872	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	From Lebanon, where unmanned French reconnaissance planes, to Sofia and Bulgaria, had booked two seats for them on a European Union airplane.	4	0	31	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	421.872	433.526	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	The European Union, which days ago halted negotiations on Turkey's membership, moved forward in the expansion policy, which has begun worrying many of its members.	4	0	32	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	433.526	442.474	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	The fears raised by Turkey's membership were less than those fears raised by two states that were in the orbit of the Communist axis.	4	0	33	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	442.474	454.237	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	But it could have been official, and the escape forward could become the only choice for the European giant which suffered weaknesses early on in some parts.	4	0	34	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	456.579	465.678	speaker5	female	native	With the two new countries, the number of countries which comprise the European Union has risen to twenty-seven.	4	0	36	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	465.678	477.568	speaker5	female	native	Bulgaria and Romania hold this honor, which is until further notice prohibited for Turkey, and postponed for both Albania and Serbia.	4	0	37	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	477.568	491.206	speaker5	female	native	Membership celebrations coincided in both Sofia and Bucharest with the New Year celebrations, an indication of the many hopes shared by both Bulgarians and Romanians.	4	0	38	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	491.206	503.749	speaker5	female	native	This has its justification, as the two countries are considered to be the poorest in Europe, with their per capita gross domestic product not exceeding one third of that of its European counterpart.	4	0	39	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	503.749	511.043	speaker5	female	native	And both, together, will not ((contribute)) to more than one percent of the total gross domestic product of the Union.	4	0	40	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	511.043	529.840	speaker5	female	native	Thus, their late joining of this wave of expansion which was witnessed by the Union in the year 2004, when it absorbed ten states at once, necessitated many efforts for reforms centered on fighting corruption and organized crime.	4	0	41	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	529.840	550.386	speaker5	female	native	Not only that, but Bulgaria had accepted the sacrifice of its only nuclear plant, which it had been making the largest source of energy in the Balkan countries on the pretext that it was old and comprised a security hazard, with a promise of European compensation of five hundred fifty million euros.	4	0	42	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	550.386	559.157	speaker5	female	native	Finally, the joining of Bulgaria and Romania will raise the population of the European Union to four hundred and ninety million,	4	0	43	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	559.157	569.509	speaker5	female	native	and make its borders stretch from the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea in the west and south to the Black Sea in the southeast.	4	0	43	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	570.881	590.807	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	So what is virtually impossible for a state like Turkey was a right given by the European Union to two countries where there is no room for comparison of the human, economic, military potential, nor with their strategic importance compared to Turkey's potential and importance.	4	0	45	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	590.807	601.790	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Bulgaria and Romania have entered the wide door of the European Club on the same day that Germany assumed the presidency of the European Union for the next six months.	4	0	46	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	601.790	610.306	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	About this issue, its dimensions and implications, we ask our guests in the studio: Dr. Ghassan Al Azi, Professor of International Relations at the Lebanese University.	4	0	47	report	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	610.306	611.191	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Welcome.	5	0	47	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	611.191	618.714	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	And from Prague, the expert in European Affairs, Ahmad Karim, and from Bucharest, the writer and Political Analyst, Dr. Reda ((Achokr)).	5	0	48	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	618.714	620.566	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Welcome, everyone.	5	0	48	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	620.566	625.922	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	At the outset, uh, Dr. Azi, so Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union.	5	0	49	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	625.922	630.348	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	I mean, what does this addition to the Union represent?	5	0	49	conversational	question
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	630.348	639.420	*Ghassan_Al_Azi	male	native	I mean, as you mentioned in the report, from the economic aspect it represents almost nothing -- one percent of the European GDP.	5	0	50	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	639.420	647.671	*Ghassan_Al_Azi	male	native	From the demographic aspect, thirty million new consumers, uh, I mean, which makes the number of the population of the European Union now around five hundred thousand.	5	0	51	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	647.671	648.033	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes.	5	0	52	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	648.033	664.745	*Ghassan_Al_Azi	male	native	A little less than five hundred thousand ((pw)) -- half of a million, uh, people in the geographical aspect, I mean, the borders of the Union up until this moment, have become from the Atlantic Ocean reaching to the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, and uh, the Mediterranean, uh, in the ((pw)) -- ((pw)) -- the South.	5	0	53	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	661.581	662.126	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes.	5	0	54	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	664.745	680.485	*Ghassan_Al_Azi	male	native	Uh, but it means, uh, it is possible, uh, that the joining of those two countries would add to the European Union on all aspects and levels on the ((pw)) but, in the long term, and in the foreseeable term, ((pw)) ((pw)) the Union will result ((pw)), I mean, help these two.	5	0	55	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	674.668	675.166	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes.	5	0	56	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	679.094	685.065	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	But, I mean, Doctor, isn't it ironic, I mean, uh, uh, two poor countries in, uh, a club for the rich.	5	0	57	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	685.065	695.153	*Ghassan_Al_Azi	male	native	Not at all, it is not at all ironic and this, I mean, is not the first time, uh, ((pw)) that very poor countries join, as you say, a club for the rich.	5	0	58	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	695.153	710.959	*Ghassan_Al_Azi	male	native	Even before signing the Maastricht Treaty in the year ninety-one, uh, there were, uh, difficulties regarding the joining of very poor states like Portugal, which caused problems for the European Economic Community. At the time Spain was a very poor state.	5	0	59	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	707.734	708.319	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Um.	5	0	59	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	710.959	736.176	*Ghassan_Al_Azi	male	native	((pw)) more than that, there were dictatorial states here. The dictatorship did not end except with the joining, uh, like Greece -- ((pw)) -- ((pw)), Spain, uh, Portugal, I mean there were dictatorial regimes that had barely joined the European Union and it got rid of poverty and got rid uh, of the dictatorship. It also means uh, ((pw)) that it should happen uh, uh, I mean now with Bulgaria and Romania.	5	0	60	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	717.028	717.574	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes,	5	0	61	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	724.046	724.589	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	yes,	5	0	62	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	733.909	734.396	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	yes.	5	0	63	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	735.111	745.253	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	I'll get back to you, Dr. Azi, uh, Mr. Ahmad Karim, I mean, um, um, I mean, at the outset what does Bulgaria joining the European Union mean?	5	0	64	conversational	question
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	747.750	758.251	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	Uh, regarding those two, uh, countries, their joining has a large significance from the economic aspect, as the brother said earlier.	5	0	67	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	758.251	771.484	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	But on the other hand, the joining of those two countries does not necessarily mean that they will automatically get what they want in economic development.	5	0	68	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	771.484	771.950	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes	5	0	69	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	771.950	773.273	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	After all, they have --	5	0	70	conversational	incomplete
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	774.293	778.716	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	have already become members in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.	5	0	72	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	779.759	784.463	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	As for Turkey, and as for uh --	5	0	74	conversational	incomplete
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	784.463	787.433	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	((pw)) -- uh, concerning Bulgaria, Mr. Karim --	5	0	75	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	785.501	786.139	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	Uh--	5	0	76	conversational	incomplete
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	787.433	791.697	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	I am ((pw)) talking I am only talking about Bulgaria, and I am talking about Romania.	5	0	77	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	791.064	791.556	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes.	5	0	78	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	791.697	821.538	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	I mean, regarding, uh, Bulgaria and, regarding Romania, they had to amend many of ((pw)) the economic laws and the special judiciary laws and other procedures which, uh, they had to undertake during the last three years and under ((pw)) direct supervision of the European Union to provide all the required conditions for joining the Union.	5	0	77	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	821.538	822.026	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes,	5	0	78	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	822.026	825.577	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	but regarding Turkey for example and regarding --	5	0	79	conversational	incomplete
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	825.577	834.837	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes, uh, and ((pw)) -- OK Karim, this means I ((pw)), my question was specifically about, I mean, what will the membership of the European Union add to Bulgaria specifically?	5	0	80	conversational	question
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	826.407	826.894	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	--Uh,	5	0	81	conversational	incomplete
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	835.956	847.840	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	yes, it will add, it will add, to them some advantages in obtaining aid and support with regard to both the agricultural and the economic sectors ((pw)) uh, uh, in general.	5	0	83	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	847.840	848.377	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes.	5	0	83	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	847.840	861.658	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	But it is known that these two countries are not considered among the developed industrial countries, but they are agricultural countries, except for Romania, which owns the industry of ((monument/headstones)) and also attracts the European Union.	5	0	84	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	861.658	882.297	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	For this reason they will get gains but those gains will be offered in return of a cost tied to ((pw)), ((pw)), ((pw)), ((pw)), ((pw)), adjustment in accordance with the laws imposed by the European Union, as mentioned by all sectors.	5	0	85	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	865.796	866.357	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes,	5	0	86	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	878.820	879.407	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	yes.	5	0	87	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	882.297	891.907	*Ahmed_Karim	male	native	And will also affect to a large extent its independence in its decision-making concerning internal affairs.	5	0	88	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	891.907	902.744	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes, this is clear. I now move to Bucharest with you Dr. Achokr. I mean, what are the atmospheric vibes, uh, in Bucharest after joining -- ((pw)) -- ((pw)) -- I mean Romania, officially joining today the European Union?	5	0	89	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	903.995	904.379	*Rida_Achokr	male	native	Yes.	5	0	91	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	905.427	906.063	*Rida_Achokr	male	native	Hello.	5	0	93	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	906.063	907.789	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes, go ahead Doctor.	5	0	94	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	907.789	917.387	*Rida_Achokr	male	native	On 1/1/2007, the dream of the Romanian people, which had haunted them for a long time, was fulfilled.	5	0	95	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	917.387	917.922	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes.	5	0	96	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	917.922	930.032	*Rida_Achokr	male	native	It is a historical battle that such a deep-rooted people was able to achieve, in the history of their struggle across the centuries in order to maintain their identity and defend ((the neutrality)) of their nation.	5	0	97	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	930.032	943.688	*Rida_Achokr	male	native	And today it looks to the future with great confidence and determination to move up the ladder of progress to reach the level of the advanced independent states which preceded it in building.	5	0	98	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	943.688	944.277	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Yes.	5	0	99	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	944.277	962.452	*Rida_Achokr	male	native	For Romania to join the European group, or rather the European Union, which preceded it in building, is considered to be a quantitative leap which will help it on the course of developing a free, dignified lifestyle and a good standard of living for the present and future generations.	5	0	100	conversational	statement
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	962.452	963.096	*Zineb_Berjawi	female	native	Um.	5	0	101	conversational	backchannel
ALAM_SPOTLITE_ARB_20070101_085800	0	963.096	975.855	*Rida_Achokr	male	native	Romania was and still is a stable and dependable friend for the Arab World, and it has contributed to the scientific training and development for thousands of Arab people in all fields.	5	0	102	conversational	statement