Oz Election Thread #4 - Gillard's Labor Is it too early...? @Eorl, Kinda. @dlowan, Not by much! I wish I could feel okay about Kevin Rudd being removed as Prime Minister before he had a chance to do his full term. I feel betrayed but can't explain why. I didn't like the idea of Kevin being such a swearer. I felt he should have set a better example but did he deserve to be shafted now? Why didn't Julia wait for the next Federal election. I'm not happy about the way this has happened and need a shoulder to cry on... unless someone can convince me it was "for the best". @drillersmum, The impression I have is that Julia wanted to wait, but events (especially polls) overtook her preference leaving her with no choice about the timing @Eorl, Not by much! You're not wrong Narelle!!! @dlowan, reactions Deb? @Eorl, reactions Deb? Multiple and contradictory: 1. OH MY GOD WE HAVE A WOMAN PRIME MINISTER!!! And I think she's a smart and decent woman. And SHE'S FROM THE LEFT...only sadly, it's only what passes for a left these days. 2. I feel for Rudd. 3. WHY in HELL hasn't Rudd been performing as he did last night in the media conference? Guts and grace, I'd say. I've not been impressed with his policies, but I think he's a decent fella. 4. The fucking right managed to persuade him to back down on ETS, and he's plummeted from there, and now they shaft him! 5. The right gave her this, and they're going to be pressuring her a lot. 6. If it's a poisoned chalice Labor's managed to get a woman to drink from it again. If not, see above. 7. I wish her all the wellest and I hope she does a fantastic job and blows Abbott and Rudd out of the water. 8. Thank goddess I am not in politics.