TO MY DEARE HUSBAND S=R= ROBART HARLEY, KNIGHT OF THE BATHE. HARLEY-E2-H,1.3 <$$heading> S=r= - Docter Barker has put my sister into a cours of ientell fisek, which I hope by God's bllsing will doo her much good. HARLEY-E2-H,1.5 My sister giues you thankes for seending him to her. HARLEY-E2-H,1.6 I pray you remember that I recken the days you are away {COM:sic}; HARLEY-E2-H,1.7 and I hope you are nowe well at Heariford, wheare it may be, this letter will put you in minde of me, and let you knowe, all your frinds heare are well; HARLEY-E2-H,1.8 and all the nwes I can seend you is, that my Lo. Brooke is nowe at Beaethams Court. HARLEY-E2-H,1.9 My hope is to see you heare this day senet, or to-morrowe senet, HARLEY-E2-H,1.10 and I pray God giue vs a happy meeting, and presarfe you safe; which will be the great comfort of Your most true affectionat wife, Brilliana Harley Ragly: HARLEY-E2-H,1.11 the 30 of Sep. 1625. <$$font> HARLEY-E2-H,1.12