Speech in Noisy Environments (SPINE2) Part 1 Transcripts

Item Name: Speech in Noisy Environments (SPINE2) Part 1 Transcripts
Authors: Paul Gatewood, Elizabeth Kreamer, Thomas Tremain, Astrid Schmidt-Neilsen, Elaine Marsh, John Tardelli, Christopher Cieri, Stephanie Strassel, Nii Martey, David Graff, and Cristina Tofan
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2001T05
ISBN: 1-58563-207-4
Data Type: text
Data Source(s): microphone conversation, microphone speech
Project(s): SPINE
Application(s): speech recognition
Language(s): English
Language ID(s): eng
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Citation: Paul Gatewood, et al.
Speech in Noisy Environments (SPINE2) Part 1 Transcripts
Linguistic Data Consortium, Philadelphia


This corpus was used as part of the training set for the Second Speech in Noisy Environments Evaluation (SPINE2). SPINE2 provides a continuing forum for assessing the state of the art and practice in speech recognition technology for noisy military environments and for exchanging information on innovative speech recognition technology in the context of fully implemented systems that perform realistic tasks. The evaluation will provide researchers, potential sponsors, and customers with a quantitative means to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of the technologies. Also, the results reported on will invite customer interest in the potential utility of the technologies. More information on this evaluation is available here.

This work was sponsored in part by National Science Foundation Grant No. ISS-9982201.


This publication contains the Speech in Noisy Environments 2 (SPINE2) Training Transcripts, created for the Department of Defense (DoD) Digital Voice Processing Consortium (DDVPC) by Arcon Corp., and produced by the Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) as catalog number LDC2001T05 with ISBN 1-58563-207-4. For an example transcript, please click here. The audio for this publication is available as Speech in Noisy Environments (SPINE2) Training Audio LDC2001S04, ISBN 1-58563-206-6. These corpora support the 2001 Speech in Noisy Environments evaluation.

The training data comprises two talker pairs (four speakers total) with 32 conversations (sessions) per talker pair (64 conversations total).

The audio for each session is presented in three forms:

  • Unprocessed: the signal recorded at the participant's microphone
  • Bitstream: the compressed "channel" data produced by the vocoder's analysis stage for transmission from sender to receiver
  • Processed: the signal produced by the vocoder's synthesis stage, given the bitstream data as input.

There are a total of 64 clean audio files and 64 vocoded files, one "game" each, for a rough total of seven hours of audio data, 1.6Gb (including the unprocessed, the processed, and the bitstream files), 20,850 total tokens (730 unique tokens).


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