Arabic Newswire Part 1

Item Name: Arabic Newswire Part 1
Authors: David Graff and Kevin Walker
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2001T55
ISBN: 1-58563-190-6
Data Type: text
Data Source(s): newswire
Application(s): information retrieval, language modeling
Language(s): Modern Standard Arabic
Language ID(s): arb
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Citation: David Graff and Kevin Walker
Arabic Newswire Part 1
Linguistic Data Consortium, Philadelphia


This publication contains the Arabic Newswire A Corpus, Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) catalog number LDC2001T55 and ISBN 1-58563-190-6. The Arabic Newswire Corpus is composed of articles from the Agence France Presse (AFP) Arabic Newswire. The source material was tagged using TIPSTER-style SGML and was transcoded to Unicode (UTF-8). The corpus includes articles from May 13, 1994 to December 20, 2000.


The data is in 2,337 compressed (zipped) Arabic text data files. There are 209 Mb of compressed data (869 Mb uncompressed) with approximately 383,872 documents containing 76 million tokens over approximately 666,094 unique words.

A template of the tagging is presented below.

yyyymmdd_AFP_ARB.dddd Arabic Text Arabic Text

One or More Paragraphs of Arabic Text

Arabic Text Arabic Text

For a sample file of tagged articles, please see this sample.


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