NIST Meeting Pilot Corpus Speech

Item Name: NIST Meeting Pilot Corpus Speech
Authors: John S. Garofolo, Martial Michel, Vincent M. Stanford, Elham Tabassi, Jonathan Fiscus, Christophe D. Laprun, Nicolas Pratz, and Jerome Lard
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2004S09
ISBN: 1-58563-302-x
Release Date: Jul 12, 2004
Data Type: speech
Sample Rate: 16000 Hz
Sampling Format: pcm
Data Source(s): meeting speech
Project(s): NIST Automatic Meeting Recognition
Application(s): automatic content extraction, discourse analysis, information retrieval, language modeling, speaker identification, speaker verification, speech recognition
Language(s): English
Language ID(s): eng
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Citation: John S. Garofolo, et al.
NIST Meeting Pilot Corpus Speech
Linguistic Data Consortium, Philadelphia


NIST Meeting Pilot Corpus Speech was produced by Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) catalog number LDC2004S09 and ISBN 1-58563-302-x.

The audio data included in this corpus was collected in the NIST Meeting Data Collection Laboratory for the NIST Automatic Meeting Recognition Project. The corresponding transcripts are available as the NIST Meeting Pilot Corpus Transcripts and Metadata, while the video files will be published later as NIST Meeting Pilot Corpus Video.

For more information regarding the data collection conditions, meeting scenarios, transcripts, speaker information, recording logs, errata, and other ancillary data for the corpus, please consult the NIST project website for this corpus.


The data in this corpus consists of 369 SPHERE audio files generated from 19 meetings (comprising about 15 hours of meeting room data and amounting to about 32 GB), recorded between November 2001 and December 2003.

Each meeting was recorded using two wireless "personal" mics attached to each meeting participant: a close-talking noise-cancelling boom mic and an omni-directional lapel mic). Each meeting was also recorded using three omni-directional table mics and a four-channel directional table mic covering 365 degrees (each channel is recorded in a separate file). Each individual channel was converted from its 48Khz, 24-bits, linear PCM source format to 16 Khz, 16-bits, linear PCM-sampled audio SPHERE-formatted files.


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