2003 NIST Language Recognition Evaluation

Item Name: 2003 NIST Language Recognition Evaluation
Authors: Alvin Martin and Mark Pryzbocki
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2006S31
ISBN: 1-58563-364-X
Release Date: Jun 15, 2006
Data Type: speech
Sample Rate: 8000 Hz
Sampling Format: ulaw
Data Source(s): telephone conversations
Application(s): speech recognition
Language(s): Egyptian Arabic, English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Tamil, Vietnamese, Western Farsi
Language ID(s): arz, cmn, deu, eng, fra, hin, jpn, kor, pes, spa, tam, vie
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Citation: Alvin Martin and Mark Pryzbocki
2003 NIST Language Recognition Evaluation
Linguistic Data Consortium, Philadelphia


The goal of the NIST Language Recognition Evaluation (LRE) is to establish the baseline of current performance capability for language recognition of conversational telephone speech and to lay the groundwork for further research efforts in the field. The series had its first evaluation in 1996. 2003 NIST Language Recognition Evaluation (LRE-03) was part of this ongoing series of evaluations of language recognition technology.

Further information regarding this evaluation may be found on the 2003 NIST Language Recognition Evaluation website and in the NIST 2003 evaluation plan.

The task evaluated was the detection of a given target language. Given a test segment of speech, a target language was assigned as a test hypothesis, and the task was to determine whether this test hypothesis was true or false.


Each speech file is one side of a "four wire" telephone conversation represented as 8-bit, 8kHz mulaw data. There are 11,830 speech files in sphere(.sph) format for a total of around forty six hours of speech. The speech data was compiled from the LDC's CALLFRIEND, CALLHOME, and Switchboard-2 corpora. Each file contains one test segment. The test segments are divided into three-second, ten-second, and thirty-second tests, each in its own directory.


For an example of the data in this corpus, please listen to this audio sample.


A typo was fixed in the index.html file. There are 11,830 sphere files, not 11,839. The updated index file is available in the online docs folder.

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