NomBank v 1.0

Item Name: NomBank v 1.0
Authors: Adam Meyers, Ruth Reeves, Catherine Macleod
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2008T23
ISBN: 1-58563-492-1
Release Date: Sep 15, 2008
Data Type: text
Data Source(s): newswire
Language(s): English
Language ID(s): eng
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Citation: Adam Meyers, Ruth Reeves, Catherine Macleod
NomBank v 1.0
Linguistic Data Consortium, Philadelphia


NomBank is an annotation project at New York University that provides argument structure for instances of common nouns in the Penn Treebank (Treebank-2 and Treebank-3). NomBank 1.0 was released by the Nombank project in December 2007. It covers all of the "markable" nouns in the Penn Treebank Wall Street Journal data. Specifically, it includes 114,576 propositions that were derived from looking at a total of 202,965 noun instances and choosing only those nouns who arguments occur in the text. The work of NomBank is related to the PropBank project at the University of Colorado. NomBank marks the sets of arguments that cooccur with nouns in Proposition Bank I, just as PropBank records such information for verbs.

Related resources and further information about NomBank are available from the NomBank project website.


NomBank v. 1.0 is a human-readable version of NomBank 1.0. It contains data with licenses that are owned or managed by the Linguistic Data Consortium. A license to either Treebank-2 or Treebank-3 is required in order to obtain NomBank v. 1.0.

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