Chinese Dependency Treebank 1.0

Item Name: Chinese Dependency Treebank 1.0
Authors: Wanxiang Che, Zhenghua Li, Ting Liu
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2012T05
ISBN: 1-58563-612-6
Release Date: May 16, 2012
Data Type: text
Data Source(s): newswire
Application(s): information extraction, information retrieval, language modeling, language teaching, machine translation, parsing, part of speech tagging, tagging
Language(s): Chinese
Language ID(s): cmn
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Citation: Wanxiang Che, Zhenghua Li, Ting Liu
Chinese Dependency Treebank 1.0
Linguistic Data Consortium, Philadelphia


Chinese Dependency Treebank 1.0 was developed by the Harbin Institute of Technologys Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval (HIT-SCIR). It contains 49,996 Chinese sentences (902,191 words) randomly selected from Peoples Daily newswire stories published between 1992 and 1996 and annotated with syntactic dependency structures.


Ill-formed or short sentences were eliminated from the randomly-selected sentences prior to annotation. The data was segmented and annotated for part of speech (POS), syntactic structures, verb subclasses and noun compounds.Word segmentation and POS tagging were accomplished automatically using statistical models trained on a larger, annotated corpus of Peoples Daily newswire stories. Humans manually annotated the syntactic structures and corrected word segmentation errors. POS tags were not corrected.

The data is provided in the format of CoNLL-X and in UTF-8. One line presents information for one word. An empty line indicates the end of a sentence. Each line contains 10 columns separated with a tab.


Please click follow this link for a sample of the data.


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