CALLHOME Spanish Lexicon

Item Name: CALLHOME Spanish Lexicon
Authors: Susan Garrett, Tom Morton and Cynthia McLemore
LDC Catalog No.: LDC96L16
ISBN: 1-58563-082-9
Data Type: lexicon
Data Source(s): telephone conversations
Project(s): Hub5-LVCSR
Application(s): speech recognition
Language(s): Spanish
Distribution: Web Download
Member fee: $0 for 1996, 1997 members
Non-member Fee: US $2250.00
Reduced-License Fee: US $1125.00
Extra-Copy Fee: N/A
Non-member License: yes
Member License: yes
Online documentation: yes
Licensing Instructions: Subscription & Standard Members, and Non-Members
Citation: Susan Garrett, Tom Morton and Cynthia McLemore
CALLHOME Spanish Lexicon
Linguistic Data Consortium, Philadelphia

The CALLHOME Spanish collection includes a lexical component. The CALLHOME Spanish Lexicon consists of 45,582 words and contains separate information fields with phonological, morphological and frequency information for each word.

The token coverage by the LDC Spanish lexicon of words occurring in the 20 LDC Spanish CALLHOME devtest transcripts (ten minutes of conversation each) is 98.7%.

For examples of listings from the Lexicon, please look at the following samples pages:sample1 sample2

The transcripts and documentation (LDC96T17) are available separately, as is a corpus of telephone speech (LDC96S35).

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