1997 English Broadcast News Transcripts (HUB4)

Item Name: 1997 English Broadcast News Transcripts (HUB4)
Authors: Jennifer Alabiso, Robert MacIntyre, and David Graff
LDC Catalog No.: LDC98T28
ISBN: 1-58563-124-8
Data Type: text
Data Source(s): broadcast news
Project(s): EARS, GALE, Hub4
Application(s): speech recognition
Language(s): English
Language ID(s): ENG
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Citation: Jennifer Alabiso, Robert MacIntyre, and David Graff
1997 English Broadcast News Transcripts (HUB4)
Linguistic Data Consortium, Philadelphia

LDC98S71 - Speech data LDC98T28 - Transcripts


This publication has been prepared to serve as a supplement to the 1996 Broadcast News Speech collection (consisting of over 100 hours of similar recordings). The primary motivation for this collection is to provide additional training data for the DARPA "HUB4" Project on continuous speech recognition in the broadcast domain.


This set of 18 CD-ROMs contains a total of 97 hours of recordings from radio and television news broadcasts, gathered between June 1997 and February 1998.

Transcripts have been made of all recordings in this publication, manually time aligned to the phrasal level, annotated to identify boundaries between news stories, speaker turn boundaries and gender information about the speakers. The transcription conventions are described in the file "transcrp.doc" -- please note that this file describes the transcription methods by reference to text formatting conventions used internally by the LDC during the transcription process. The released version of the transcripts is in SGML format, comparable to the format that was used in the 1996 Broadcast News Speech transcriptions and there is accompanying documentation and an SGML DTD file, included with the transcription release.


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