Grassfields Bantu Fieldwork: Ngomba Tone Paradigms

Item Name: Grassfields Bantu Fieldwork: Ngomba Tone Paradigms
Author(s): Steven Bird, John Bell
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2001S16
ISBN: 1-58563-216-3
ISLRN: 147-689-240-962-1
Release Date: December 22, 2002
Member Year(s): 2001, 2002
DCMI Type(s): Sound
Data Source(s): field recordings, microphone speech
Project(s): Talkbank
Language(s): Ngomba
Language ID(s): jgo
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Online Documentation: LDC2001S16 Documents
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Citation: Bird, Steven, and John Bell. Grassfields Bantu Fieldwork: Ngomba Tone Paradigms LDC2001S16. Web Download. Philadelphia: Linguistic Data Consortium, 2001.
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Grassfields Bantu Fieldwork: Ngomba Tone Paradigms was produced by Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) catalog number LDC2001S16 and ISBN 1-58563-216-3. Please see below for information regarding its collection, processing, and contents.

The data contains tone paradigms of the language Ngomba, a Bamileke (Grassfields Bantu) language spoken by some 63,000 people in the Western Province of Cameroon. Ngombas tone system is undescribed, but it has many similarities with the closely related Yémba language (also known as Bamileke Dschang).


This publication contains 755 audio files. The files in rawdata are 21 extended audio and laryngograph recordings with ESPS xlabel files each one of the raw sound files contains the complete recording of one of the tenses. The files in paradigms are HTML indexes linked to 734 one to three second audio clips in .wav format. Each HTML page lists 32 utterances, varying across subject, verb, and object. Transcriptions are provided for the audio clips using the IPA-based orthography, and using phonetic and tonological transcription systems.

Recorded: June 21, 1997, Recording Studio of SIL Cameroon, Yaoundé

Digitized, Labelled and Segmented: 1997-1998 Phonetics Laboratory, University of Edinburgh

Transcribed and Annotated: 1998-2001 LDC, University of Pennsylvania


SIL Cameroon
Economic and Social Research Council (UK) Grant R000235540
National Science Foundation (US) Grant 9983258
National Science Foundation (US) TalkBank Project Grant BCS-998009, KDI, SBE
Linguistic Data Consortium


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The distribution costs for the first 100 copies of this publication (not counting copies distributed to LDC members) are covered by NSF Grant Number 9983258, and those copies are available at no cost to qualified researchers. After the first 100 copies are distributed, additional copies of the corpus will be available under standard terms and costs.

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