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You are registering for an LDC account. The following describes the rights of LDC Guest Users, Organization Users and Organization Administrators and also sets forth the conditions for using LDC Online.

Guest Users: Guest Users are entitled to receive LDC’s newsletter, access limited portions of LDC Online, edit their user profile and change the password to their LDC account. In order to become an LDC member or to license data from the LDC Catalog, Guest Users must register their organization with LDC or indicate their affiliation with an existing organization.

Guest Users who are affiliated with organizations already registered with LDC may be promoted to Organization Users upon the approval of the Organization Administrator.

Organization Users: Organization Users have all of the rights of Guest Users as well as the ability to join LDC, create and view quotes and invoices, license data, view agreements signed by the organization, access the organization’s profile and history, download data sets to which the organization has access, and if the organization is a current year LDC member, access all features of LDC Online.

Organization Administrators: Organization Administrators have all of the rights of Organization Users as well as the ability to add and remove Organization Users and to edit the organization profile.

The following agreement governs your access to LDC Online.

LDC Online User Agreement

Carefully read the terms and conditions of this Agreement before clicking the "Accept" button below. When you click the "Accept" button, you consent to be bound by, and are a party to, this Agreement.

LDC grants you a license to use LDC Online subject to the following understandings, terms and conditions:

  1. LDC Online materials may be used for non-commercial linguistic education, research and technology development only.
  2. Limited excerpts from LDC Online materials may be displayed in articles, reports and other documents describing the results of your non-commercial linguistic education, research and technology development. You shall not otherwise publish, retransmit, disclose, display, copy, reproduce or redistribute LDC Online materials or provide access to LDC Online materials.
  3. Guest Users and Organization Users whose organizations are not current year LDC members shall have access to a subset of LDC Online data and functions only.
  4. Organization Users affiliated with LDC current year member organizations may access all LDC Online data and functions. Such users must be a staff member, faculty, student, consultant or individual providing services or conducting research at the member organization; must agree to the terms and conditions of the organization’s LDC membership agreement; and must terminate their LDC Online account when those conditions no longer apply.
  5. Except as specifically permitted above, the publication, retransmission, disclosure, display, copying, reproduction or redistribution of LDC Online materials is prohibited.
  6. Violations of this Agreement may result in the suspension of access to LDC Online and legal liability.