TalkBank Ethology Data: Field Recordings of Vervet Monkey Calls

Item Name: TalkBank Ethology Data: Field Recordings of Vervet Monkey Calls
Author(s): Robert M. Seyfarth, Dorothy L. Cheney
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2004S12
ISBN: ISBN 1-58563-312-7
ISLRN: 722-712-209-012-6
Release Date: October 26, 2004
Member Year(s): 2004
DCMI Type(s): Software, Sound, Text
Sample Rate: 22050
Data Source(s): field recordings
Project(s): Talkbank
Application(s): prosody, standards
Language(s): No linguistic content, Not applicable
Language ID(s): zxx
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Online Documentation: LDC2004S12 Documents
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Citation: Seyfarth, Robert M., and Dorothy Cheney. TalkBank Ethology Data: Field Recordings of Vervet Monkey Calls LDC2004S12. Web Download. Philadelphia: Linguistic Data Consortium, 2004.
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TalkBank Ethology Corpus: Field Recordings of Vervet Monkey Calls contains approximately 30 hours of digitized audio files of field recordings of vervet monkeys (cercopithecus aethiops).

Collected by Robert M. Seyfarth and Dorothy L. Cheney in 1977 and 1978, the original recordings were made on 1/8 inch reel-to-reel tapes, and were digitized at the Linguistic Data Consortium using a sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz. This publication contains downsampled versions of the recordings.

From 2001 through 2004, Dr. Seyfarth and one of his students annotated the recordings for the following fields: start time, end time, type (bout, commentary, etc.), recording date and time, caller ID, recipient ID, context, call type, and remarks. This publication contains annotation files that can be viewed with the accompanying software or with spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel.


There are 60 audio files totaling 33 hours (approximately 5 GB). All of the audio files are in the Microsoft WAV format with the sampling frequency of 22,050 Hz.

There are 60 annotation files containing approximately 1,270 annotations of selected audio files in the distributions. All of the annotation files are tab-separated table files without a header and use the UNIX-style newline ( ).

Annotation files for the following audio files are not included in this publication: V08, V21, V42, V43, V44, V66, Vb1, Vb2, Vb3, Vb4, Vb5, Vb6, Vb7, Vb8, Vb9, Vc1, Vc2, and Vc3.

The data/software directory contains a Windows version of the AGTK TableTrans tool for annotation of audio that was used in creating the annotations, and the included documentation contains installation instructions. Information about the AGTK (the Annotation Graph Toolkit) project is available at:


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The publication of the Field Recordings of Vervet Monkey Calls was funded in part through a five-year grant (BCS-998009, KDI, SBE) from the National Science Foundation via TalkBank, an interdisciplinary project to foster research and development in communicative behavior by providing tools and standards for analysis and distribution of language and animal communication data.

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