Richer Event Description

Item Name: Richer Event Description
Author(s): Tim O'Gorman, Martha Palmer
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2016T23
ISBN: 1-58563-771-8
ISLRN: 722-524-976-246-2
Release Date: October 19, 2016
Member Year(s): 2016
DCMI Type(s): Text
Data Source(s): newswire, discussion forum
Project(s): DEFT
Application(s): event detection
Language(s): English
Language ID(s): eng
License(s): LDC User Agreement for Non-Members
Online Documentation: LDC2016T23 Documents
Licensing Instructions: Subscription & Standard Members, and Non-Members
Citation: O'Gorman, Tim, and Martha Palmer. Richer Event Description LDC2016T23. Web Download. Philadelphia: Linguistic Data Consortium, 2016.
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Richer Event Description was developed by the University of Colorado Boulder-CLEAR (Computational Language and Education Research, Carnegie Mellon University and LDC. It consists of coreference, bridging and event-event relations (temporal, causal, subevent and reporting relations) annotations over 95 English newswire, discussion forum and narrative text documents, covering all events, times and non-eventive entities within each document.

RED annotation is intended to join different annotation layers and to provide a rich representation of event phenomena.


Documents were annotated twice -- in a markable pass and in an event annotation phase. In the markable pass, events, entities, TIMEX3 and section elements were annotated across the entire document and features were marked on each markable element. Event relations and event coreference were then annotated over the adjudicated markables. Further information about the annotation process is contained in the guidelines accompanying this release.

Annotation and source documents are divided into three partitions: (1) 20 newswire summarization documents, (2) 20 discussion forum documents and newswire annotations used in the original RED pilot annotations, and (3) 55 documents annotated by a range of DEFT (Deep Exploration and Filtering of Test) annotation formats. Data is presented as UTF-8 encoded xml and plain text.


Please view this source sample and annotation sample.


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This material is based on research sponsored by Air Force Research Laboratory and Defense Advance Research Projects Agency under agreement number FA8750-13-2-0045. The U.S. Government is authorized to reproduce and distribute reprints for Governmental purposes notwithstanding any copyright notation thereon. The views and conclusions contained herein are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as necessarily representing the official policies or endorsements, either expressed or implied, of Air Force Research Laboratory and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or the U.S. Government.

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