2018 Not-for-Profit Membership

LDC Catalog No.: LDC2018MNP
Member Year(s): 2018
License(s): LDC Not-for-Profit Membership Agreement

The 2018 Not-For-Profit Membership covers calendar year 2018 and is directed to not-for-profit organizations including universities and foundations. Not-for-profit members may use LDC data for linguistic education and/or non-commercial research purposes.

Members acquire perpetual rights to data licensed during the membership year. 

Current year members enjoy free access to LDC Online. LDC Online contains an indexed collection of Arabic, Chinese and English newswire text, the full text of the Brown corpus, millions of words of English telephone speech from the Switchboard and Fisher collections and the American English Spoken Lexicon. 

Standard Members receive one copy of each corpus released in the membership year up to a maximum of 16 data sets per membership year. 

Subscription Members automatically receive copies of each corpus released in the membership year. LDC typically releases 30-36 data sets per membership year. 

Standard Members and Subscription Members receive free shipping on all corpora ordered during the membership year. 

Extra charges may apply to specified data sets.  

See the Members pages for further information about LDC membership.

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