Rime-Cantonese: A Normalized Cantonese Jyutping Lexicon

Item Name: Rime-Cantonese: A Normalized Cantonese Jyutping Lexicon
Author(s): Mingfei Lau, Muhan Zhong, Chaak-ming Lau, Jian Su, Henry Chan, Bing Cheung
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2022L01
ISBN: 1-58563-998-2
ISLRN: 401-658-348-056-8
DOI: https://doi.org/10.35111/8gvn-bj05
Release Date: October 17, 2022
Member Year(s): 2022
DCMI Type(s): Text
Data Source(s): dictionaries, text chat conversations, web collection
Application(s): orthography, speech recognition, speech synthesis, standards
Language(s): Yue Chinese
Language ID(s): yue
License(s): LDC User Agreement for Non-Members
Online Documentation: LDC2022L01 Documents
Licensing Instructions: Subscription & Standard Members, and Non-Members
Citation: Lau, Mingfei, et al. Rime-Cantonese: A Normalized Cantonese Jyutping Lexicon LDC2022L01. Web Download. Philadelphia: Linguistic Data Consortium, 2022.


Rime-Cantonese: A Normalized Cantonese Jyutping Lexicon was developed by the Cantonese Computational Linguistics Infrastructure Working Group. It contains approximately 130,000 Cantonese character, word, and phrase entries paired with their corresponding romanized pronunciations in Jyutping, a scheme created by The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong.


Data was collected from a variety of physical and online sources. The character collection was subjected to a normalization process for differences between traditional and simplified Chinese, regional differences and other variants in Chinese characters, and differences in orthography. Additional information about this process and the lexicon in general is available in the documentation included with this release.

The corpus data is presented in a collection of UTF-8 encoded csv files.


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