Voicemail Corpus Part II

Item Name: Voicemail Corpus Part II
Author(s): Mukund Padmanabhan, Brian Kingsbury, Bhuvana Ramabhadran, Jing Huang, Stanley Chen, George Saon, Lidia Mangu
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2002S35
ISBN: 1-58563-242-2
ISLRN: 550-933-474-715-5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.35111/d86m-x152
Release Date: November 08, 2002
Member Year(s): 2002
DCMI Type(s): Sound
Sample Type: ulaw
Sample Rate: 8000
Data Source(s): telephone speech
Application(s): speech recognition
Language(s): English
Language ID(s): eng
Online Documentation: LDC2002S35 Documents
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Citation: Padmanabhan, Mukund, et al. Voicemail Corpus Part II LDC2002S35. Web Download. Philadelphia: Linguistic Data Consortium, 2002.
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Voicemail Corpus Part II was produced by Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) catalog number LDC2002S35 and ISBN 1-58563-242-2. Voicemail Corpus Part II is a continuation of Voicemail Corpus Part I, LDC98S77.


This publication is comprised of speech and script files, and is structured in training and evaluation data. The training data consists of 2,048 voicemail messages and the corresponding script files. The speech and script files are organized in 41 directories, each of which contains up to 50 messages. The evaluation data consists of 50 voicemail messages and 50 scripts.

The speech data is provided in sphere format it is sampled at 8 KHz, and recorded in 8-bit ulaw, totalling approximately 14 hours (406 MB) for training and 23 minutes (11 MB) for evaluation.

In addition to the individual script files, there are three files which represent a concatenation of the individual scripts: train_scripts.all and eval_scripts .all represent a concatenation of the training and evaluation script files, one file per line, each line beginning with the fileID. eval_scripts_filtered.all is a filtered version of the file eval_scripts.all, after eliminating the tagged elements () and the proper nouns marker.


A more recent version of the paper Automatic Speech Recognition Performance on a Voicemail Transcription Task (M. Padmanabhan, G. Saon, J. Huang, B. Kingsbury and L. Mangu, IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing, vol 10, number 7, pp 433-442, October 2002) is available in both PDF and PS format by email request.


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