ATIS0 Read

Item Name: ATIS0 Read
Author(s): Charles T. Hemphill, John J. Godfrey, George R. Doddington, John S. Garofolo, Jonathan G. Fiscus, Nancy Dahlgren, William Fisher, Brett Tjaden, David Pallett
LDC Catalog No.: LDC93S4B-2
ISBN: 1-58563-003-9
ISLRN: 470-709-845-333-7
Member Year(s): 1993
DCMI Type(s): Sound
Sample Type: 1-channel pcm
Sample Rate: 16000
Data Source(s): microphone speech
Project(s): ATIS
Application(s): spoken dialogue systems, speech recognition
Language(s): English
Language ID(s): eng
License(s): LDC User Agreement for Non-Members
Online Documentation: LDC93S4B-2 Documents
Licensing Instructions: Subscription & Standard Members, and Non-Members
Citation: Hemphill, Charles T., et al. ATIS0 Read LDC93S4B-2. Web Download. Philadelphia: Linguistic Data Consortium, 1993.
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The ATIS0 Corpus totals six CD-ROMs: one with spontaneous data from 36 speakers; one with read versions of the data from 20 of those speakers, along with some adaptation material; and four with extensive speaker dependent material from the ATIS domain, read by ten of the same speakers.

All ATIS speech data is recorded at 16kHz sample rate, 16-bit quantization, from two different microphones, a close-talking (Sennheiser HMD414) and a desk-top (Crown PCC-160) model.

The first disc (ATIS0 Pilot) contains spontaneous utterances elicited in a "Wizard-of-Oz" simulation, along with the relational database containing the travel information (excluding connecting flights). 36 speakers produced a total of 912 utterances.

The second disc (ATIS0 Read) contains "read" versions of the spontaneous utterances for 20 of the 36 speakers above, for a total of 478 productions. This is supplemented by a set of 40 "adaptation" sentences read by each of the 20 speakers.

The third through the sixth discs (ATIS0 SD-Read) contain "read" speech in the ATIS domain for ten of the speakers on the first disc. They read a total of 3,171 utterances, or approximately 317 utterances per speaker. This data was collected for the purpose of training speaker-dependent speech recognition systems for the ATIS0 domain. Two of these four discs contain the close-talking (Sennheiser) microphone data and the other two contain corresponding data for the desk-top (Crown PCC-160) microphone. Thus there are 6,342 waveform files on the four discs.

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