West Point Russian Speech

Item Name: West Point Russian Speech
Author(s): Stephen A. LaRocca, Christine Tomei
LDC Catalog No.: LDC2003S05
ISBN: 1-58563-277-5
ISLRN: 741-782-638-900-9
DOI: https://doi.org/10.35111/7rt8-8x28
Release Date: December 18, 2003
Member Year(s): 2003
DCMI Type(s): Sound
Sample Type: 1-channel pcm
Sample Rate: 22050
Data Source(s): microphone speech
Application(s): speech recognition
Language(s): Russian
Language ID(s): rus
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Citation: LaRocca, Stephen A., and Christine Tomei. West Point Russian Speech LDC2003S05. Web Download. Philadelphia: Linguistic Data Consortium, 2003.
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West Point Russian Speech was developed at the Department of Foreign Languages (DFL) and the Center for Technology Enhanced Language Learning (CTELL) at the United States Military Academy at West Point. The purpose of the corpus is to provide a set of recordings for the training and development of speaker-independent speech recognition systems for use by West Point cadets enrolled in the Russian language program.


The corpus consists of 4,181 speech files in SPHERE format, totalling approximately four hours of speech. Approximately 2,290 files are from native informants and 1,891 are from non-native informants.

The following tables show the breakdown of corpus content in terms of male, female, native and non-native speakers.

Number of speakers:

  male female total
native 13 16 29
non-native 16 10 26
totals 29 26 55

Number of speech files:

  male female total
native 1027 1263 2290
non-native 1103 788 1891
totals 2130 2050 4181

The speech data was collected using laptop computers running Windows NT. Recordings were captured at a sampling rate of 16-bit at 22,050 Hz pcm using a Shure SM10A microphone and a RANE Model MS1 pre-amplifier. A visual display of the sentence, along with a digital recording of the sentence as read by a native speaker, was presented. The informant pressed the Enter key to record the utterance. The informant's recording was played back for review and the utterance was re-recorded if necessary.

The collection script consists of 96 sentences with a total of 528 tokens and 351 types.

Each waveform file has a monophone and word level master label file transcription in HTK-format. A concatenated version of the master label files at both the word level and the phone level is provided.

The lexicon contains 690 distinct orthographic word forms, including all words found in the collection script.


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